Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

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Modelling in 3mm Scale - 1:100                                        

Class 3F 0-6-0 en route for Chelford, crossing the Seven Canal at the junction.
Christmas 1948 saw my first train set - Hornby-Dublo 3-rail N2 with goods wagons. This lasted until conversion to Tri-ang 2-rail, with an overhead catenary loco to boot.

1957 saw my first venture into 3mm - a matter of a few weeks after its launch.

The first impression was that it 'looked the right size' - space-saving from 4mm was more than evident - good solid models that seemed to pull almost any length of train. The first motive power was the ex-LMS Class 3F 0-6-0T and like all the locos purchased over 62 years of collecting, it's still going strong!

1969 was the next milestone when, in November of that year, I joined The 3mm Society. There is no doubt that without the resources of the Society, life would have been far more difficult in the quest to achieve an operational 1960s section of British Rail.

The Loft Layout : 17' x 12'

There have been two exhibition layouts over the years. The first one partly survives as the main terminal station and approaches, in the loft-based layout, along with the second exhibition layout in its entirety - The Chelford Branch. They constitute Level 1, the main terminus to branch terminal, out and back; around all four sides of the loft.

The connection to Level 2, via a single track rising gradient to Marston Magna Junction Station, running alongside the only additional trackwork on Level 1 - Whitchurch Carriage Sidings. From now on all per way is new build from the 3mm Society flexi-track kits.

The actual junction is at the trailing end of the station and you have to negotiate a full circuit before you can access the platforms.Once on the Up approach track you have a choice of routes - forward into Platform 1, directly to the main line to Exeter Central and the South West, via the storage roads and also over the crossover road and up the gradient onto Level 3 for the alternative route to the main line, via Plex Moss Halt and Marston Exchange Sidings.

Traffic can reverse at the Junction station for northbound services to Bristol, South Wales, Birmingham, and the North of England.

The branch is substantially semaphore signalling, with minor additions of the entry/exit shunt signals to the newly re-opened aggregates facility, just outside Chelford station.

The main line is multiple aspect colour light signalling.

The emphasis is very much on operation and supported by a variety of scenic sections.....get something in place then improve it........... but there's still more to do.........isn't there always.......

Alan Poole

Last updated : 23 April 2019
Projects Page updated with DMU Partitions, early shots of Chelford Station
and Refurbished Viaduct
Signalling Diagrams and Control Panel diagrams
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