Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

Multiple aspect colour light signals - MAS

In the beginning, colour light signals were difficult to come by in 3mm scale, but, as the era was 1960s, semaphore was still acceptable. In the long run I wanted a mixture.

The advent of the LED was a godsend and a little searching on the web brought a reliable and trusted supplier in China to the fore.

Suitable supplies of LEDs in red, yellow, green and white have been purchased and along with an American supply of 'targets' (m.a.s., signal heads to you and I) the layout has soon been equipped with full colour light signalling.

The use of American HO 'targets' proved to be a very satisfactory solution to the quick construction technioque of assembling colour light signals. Suitable-size lens of LED was chosen in each colour, inserted and superglued in place, with the insulated wiring soldered to anode of each LED and then fed down the copper tube, cathodes were joined and soldered to the copper tube at the top, so securing the head tot he tube and using the copper tube as part of the circuit. The anode wiring for each aspect is taken to the solder tag strip and the one cathode wire, likewise. The resistor is wired in line on the cathode circuit, serving all aspects.

Wiring is then taken directly to the rotary switch or lever frame, as desired, from the tag strip and the job is complete.

The installation of subsidiary signals was made much easier by utilising N gauge items as in the platform setback searchlight signal at the junction. The downscaling isn't as drastic as one might think and only rivet counting will deter you from adopting such practises - the problem with the adamant approach is that projects most times never get finished to an acceptable operational standard!

Use of 2mm scale again when combining semaphore signals with m.a.s., subsidiary signals really does work very well. MAS construction is identical to the method described initially above.
Don't be afraid of mixing scales again when you need lunar lights for the junction location - 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.

Experimentation is currently under way with electronic number/letter displays for alternative subsidiary signals when platform or route indication is reqiured.

Theatre Indicator