Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

David Garner

David inherited this layout and has carried out essential repair and maintenance tasks to improve running, which have paid dividends and was well inhabited by other members' stock.

The freight yard at the west end of the through station is one of many locations in the course of being re-populated with stock and buildings.

Class 100 DMU leaves the station after connecting with the express service on Platform 4.
Lineside industry provides an alternative source of freight traffic.

The loco shed lies away tot he east of the station and was well populated on the last5 Group Meeting Day, including visiting locos of other members.

There are some interesting scenic views on the layout and the townscape fits in well with the overall impression.

Alongside the above layout, David has part of the project that belonged ot the late Derek Sansome and the following are just a few of the views. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, a physical link will be laid between the the two layouts to provide through running.