Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

DMU Partitions

If you have installed seat units into your Class 110/108 DMUs, then you may wish to install partitions as well.

The diagram below shows three basic types of partition:

A : is the two sides of the partition between the passenger compartments and the guard's compartment.

B : is the two sides of the passenger compartment divides between the seats and the door entry location.

C : is the two sides of the driver / passenger divide.

The 23mm x 24mm measurements should ensure a fit into the body.

Don't forget when laying out the designs to cater for both sides of the doors - the reversal of the door handles.

You can use the diagram as inserted on this page if it makes it easier. Print out to the correct dimensions, onto self-adhesive label paper. Peel off from the backing sheet and lay the printed images onto clear acetate and then cut out the window shapes.

When all the windows are cut out, match the two sides together and cement into place, back to back, aligning the windows as you do so.

When set, cut out the individual partitions and you are ready to install.