Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

Platform & Road Lighting

The good old Victorian street lamp works well with a branch terminus station that has been around for a good few years.

The example beow is Chelford Station, at the end of the branch from Whitchurch, on a winter's evening.

The lamps were purchased from my supplier in China and have performed very well indeed, giving a very realistic effect.

The Class 110 DMU in the platform is awaiting departure to Whitchurch and Exeter Central.

The modern street lighting found around the country is used to create the spread of the years and in particular on the more modern station at Marston Village Halt.

The quarry loading point is similarly equipped and reflects on the fact that the facility is a re-opened site and so required modernisation. What you need to remember with these lights, is that you must paint the top of the lamp housing to prevent the light shining through it. Reduced voltage also helps.

To the left is a photo of the station throat end of the platform canopies.

The 1.8mm LEDS can be seen hanging down from the roof, attached to Society copper clad sleeper strip.

Another view further along shows the spacing of the LEDs along the route of the sleeper strip.
An inverted canopy gives a more detailed view of the Society  copper-clad sleeper strip, which is glued the length of the canopy, along each edge and down the middle.

The middle strip can act as the feed (anode - positive / +) - the longer leg and the outer edges as the common return (cathode - negative / -) - the shorter leg.
Use a micro plug and socket to connect to the power supply by taking the wires from the canopy down the upright concrete support and sticking the plug end onto the support, leaving enough room for the socket to be placed immediately underneath and in line resting on the platform surface, but not fixed to the canopy upright.

This will enable the canopy to be 'unplugged' for future maintenance issues. See diagram below.

When finished, it looks for all the world like a distribution box - even in 3mm scale!

Don't forget to include the matched resistor in the circuitry - one should suffice for each group of matched LEDs per canopy.