Marston Magna in 3mm

Modelling in 3mm:1ft scale

Rail Tanks

Amoco Tanker

The basic requirements for the vehicle are:

1.  Two cradles from the Tri-ang 102T tanker range.

2.  Two bogies from the abovementioned tanker or others to suit.

3.  Length of pvc tube - 2mm external diameter.

4.  Two stop end inserts for the tube - 2 semi-domed.

5.  Overlay printed on A5 self-adhesive label.

6.  Black paint to treat the seam and extreme ends of tube to disguise any gaps that may arise.

Cut one end of each cradle and join together ensuring 127mm between the cradle end supports.

Insert the semi domed stop ends into the tube - they will probably secure by friction.

Touch up the join of the domed ends and tube with black paint to ensure smooth transition from end to tube.

Fix the bogies to the remaining allocated pivot points on the cradle.

Fix the unliveried tube to the cradle and then remove again. This gives your screws ample chance to regain a hold without damaging the tank when liveried.

The printed overlay should be the required length (app.127mm allowing for depth of end dome) and depth (app.70mm) to suit the area to be covered. Lay on the tube and smooth out any air bubbles.

Glue screw-cap covers to the barrel to represent the filler caps and, if required, cut off the cradle end supports to suit the design of the vehicle.

Re-attach the tank to the cradle and bogies.

That completes the job.

As an alternative you can print the Amoco logos and lettering onto white transfer sheet using a black background for the setting. These transfer can then be laid onto a black spray-painted tube. This avoids excessive use of printer ink in colouring the tank body.

If you can get hold of 25mm external diameter tubing (don't forget to increase the depth of the overlay print for additional circumference) as this may well give a more pleasing effect but not essential as the majority of stockists seem to stick to 22mm xd.
Screw caps form excellent filler caps on rail tankers. Reduce any overscale appearance by 'curving' out the underneath of the cap cover to sit in full contact with the barrel. The 3mm Society Signal Ladders for access to the filler caps have now been fitted (lower photo).

Henry Diaper Tanker

Marston Magna Exchange Sidings and the initial consignment of Henry Diaper tankers with the access ladders, filler caps and running numbers. There were only fifteen tankers built for the fleet.

Esso Tanker